Teaching Philosophy

"Many students believe that if they do regular practice, work on rudiments - "get their drumming together" - then everything will fall into place and it will only be a matter of time before the gigs come flooding in. This is not always the case. Yes practice is important, but what is more important is that it is the right sort of practice. Guidance through the maze of available material is essential; musical direction is much more important than just pure technical expertise.

My teaching philosophy is based on student needs and clarity of thought, supported by a solid playing facility. No two students have the same needs! We must also try to understand that it's not a case of teaching rock, jazz, latin drums: the technical aspects are all the same. What we need to address is the development of a facility that allows us to access all these different styles of playing. Versatility is the key to a successful musical future.

We must learn to listen before we play! Technical exercises will be accompanied - supported by musical examples. Understand that artistry is not acquired overnight and much patience must be exercised.

Artistry and knowledge are not built on chance!

The length of time we practise is not that important, it differs from person to person. What we should be doing is practising for results, not clock watching! Lessons will be based on the student's needs and requirements, not on the syllabus requirements of graded examinations."

Teaching takes place in a fully equipped teaching studio with professional instruments. Dave teaches new students and helps established musicians to continue to develop their skills. His advice as a consultant and mentor is sought by professional players from the highest level of performer, teacher and clinician, yet he still finds the time and energy to offer lessons and advice to beginners. The only thing he asks of all his students is dedication, commitment and to work to the best of their ability!

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